OTA (Over the Air) Updates are becoming an essential element in a changing automotive industry. As OTA update platform deployment continues to accelerate, challenges and opportunities are rising for automakers
The primary benefit of OTA lies in software recall savings. According to IHS Markit research, between 2014-2019 software-related recalls accounted for about 46 percent of the total number of recall cases. IHS Markit estimates the total OEM cost savings from IVI OS, Core ECU, and TCU OTA updates will reach $60.9 billion by 2025. At that time, more than 250 million vehicles will have some type of OTA capabilities.
As vehicles become more software defined than mechanically engineered, automakers will uncover new revenue streams to capitalize on. Is the automotive industry ready for the risks, costs and potential rewards associated with OTA? The whitepaper “Automotive OTA Deployment Strategies: The Build, Buy or Partner Equation” by IHS Markit; prepared for and commissioned by HARMAN has answers. We’ll examine:
  • Future predictions about the OTA vehicle enabled market
  • How partnerships may help drive the business
  • The challenges that lie ahead for the industry
  • How automakers will address growing cybersecurity risks
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