HARMAN OTA Solution for Agricultural Vehicle Manufacturers

At HARMAN, we believe in offering agricultural vehicle manufacturers solutions that allow their customers to feel fully reassured by the level of support offered for their farming operations. We offer a comprehensive service that minimizes agricultural equipment downtime, reduces recall and warranty related costs and promotes optimal performance.

In this use case, you’ll learn on the combined value that manufacturers and HARMAN can bring to the agricultural industry and to the farmers that support it.


Leveraging decades of experience in this industry, HARMAN supports agricultural vehicle manufacturers worldwide to securely and efficiently manage the multitude of special-purpose vehicles’ configurations and software. A global, customer centric, delivery and support organization, HARMAN OTA is trusted by more than 40 vehicle brands and deployed on 38 million vehicles. HARMAN’s OTA (Over-the-Air) solution enables connected agricultural vehicle manufacturers to greatly reduce equipment downtime and maintenance costs thanks to remote software updates, configuration and enhancement of their deployed equipment. A greater use of Smart Farming technologies, such as OTA software updates, is vital to improving a farm’s financial performance and yield.

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