Driving a scalable, consumer-centric vision in the mobility industry, vehicles of the future will always be connected and differentiated by software. Advancements in software, hardware and their interaction are expanding the boundaries of performance, providing the foundation for next-generation cars. But the same
technology that will make this vision a reality also presents new challenges.

This whitepaper outlines an innovative approach to Predictive and Preventive Maintenance (PPM) by extracting and analyzing deep data from within SoC devices using machine learning algorithms that allow manufacturers to:

  • Gain greater insight into Electronic Control Unit (ECU) health
  • Monitor performance degradation and predict Time to Failure (TTF)
  • Pinpoint the source of faults

The integrated HARMAN and proteanTecs solution enables users to detect faults before they become failures, and supplies a platform to remedy any identified faults through a variety of OTA techniques. This partnership provides an industryfirst Time-to-Correction technique – enabling scale, safety and user experience for vendors and passengers alike.

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