An approach to creating a Remote Test Bench for testing Digital Cockpit Systems

Despite the advancements in virtualization and simulation of automotive systems, it is still necessary to bench-test vehicle software before deployment. This can be cumbersome for a globally distributed development team, as it involves complex proto logistics when placing test benches on all developer desks. This approach is not only time-consuming and error-prone, but also costly and inefficient.

Projects often suffer from limited availability of benches and frequently need to be shared among large development teams, especially during the start of a project. By setting up the test benches for remote testing, the benches become immediately available as shared resources with much better utilization than personal benches on developers desks.

This solution eliminates the need for complex logistics and offers has these advantages:

  • 24-hour test cycles can be run virtually
  • Maintaining the benches is easier
  • Centralized farms with remote testing benches can save many operational costs
  • Skilled testers distributed across geographies

To summarize, although there is a need for a few benches being physically available in selected development sites, Remote Testing can save hardware and shipping cost, avoid complex logistics, and relieve hundreds of engineers from installing and maintaining their own proto hardware.

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